1) Identification cards
The HOLIDAYPASS is a personal ticket and therefore non-transferable. It must be validated at the beginning of each journey; remember to validate your ticket before boarding when travelling with trains or ropeways. You are not required to indicate your destination. The HOLIDAYPASS will be valid for seven calendar days from the day of first use. The expiry date will be printed on your card at the first validation. Children aged 0-6, buggies and luggage are carried free of charge.
Identification cards must be presented at the request of the driver or controller, together with a valid document of identity, except for persons under 14 years of age, for whom it is sufficient to produce their identification card.
The user is responsible for conservation of his travel document. In particular, he must avoid conditions that could make the information illegible.

2) Problems with tickets

cooming soon

3) Safety / regularity in service/Damages
If users of the public transportation service behave in such a manner as to compromise the safety and regularity of the service, the controller or driver of the vehicle. Users are responsible for damages they cause to the vehicles, to third parties and property.
Concerning the behavior of the users of public transportation services, title II of Presidential Decree n. 753 dated 11.07.1980 – “norms on police action, safety and the regularity of service of railways and other transportation services” – will be applied, which calls for the application of administrative sanctions in the event of failure to observe the norms.

4) Transportation of persons on wheelchairs and children in strollers
The transportation of persons in wheelchairs and children in strollers is admissible on vehicles that display the special sign and compatibly with space available. If the space for strollers on the coach is already occupied, no other passengers in the same condition will be allowed aboard, for safety reasons, since all of the passengers must be able to board and exit the vehicle without hindrances or interference of any kind. Children in strollers may be transported only under the supervision of an accompanying adult.

5) Transportation of baggage and goods
The transport of baggage and goods travel under the surveillance and in the custody of the user, who must take all of the necessary precautions, taking into account the type of trip and the number of travellers aboard. In any case, it is prohibited to occupy seats or obstruct doors with the goods or baggage transported.
Baggage, prams, wheelchairs, skis, snowboards and sleds are free of charge.

6) Bicycle transport / only Train!
bicycle on bus are not permit!!
In order to transport a bicycle on board, you need only a daily ticket (7, 00 euro) for bicycle carriage. More information link: www.mobilcard.info or http://www.suedtirolbike.it/seasons and www.papin.it

7) Carriage_of_animals
Guide dogs and small animals are carried free of charge if capable of being carried in one’s arms or within a cage or container with a maximum size of 70 x 30 x 50 cm. For all other animals you need to purchase a single ticket or a Mobilcard (adult fare).
With the exception of small dog breeds, dogs must be kept on a lead and wear a muzzle.

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